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At the beginning of The Kurtherian Endgame, Book One, Payback Is a Bitch, Bethany Anne, in a meeting as they are starting the new development of High Tortuga, reviews the chronological ages (in Earth years) of her friends and associates there. Here is a review, for general information, of most of the main characters in the TKG series. It had been about 150 - 170 years since passing through the Gate and leaving Earth. All had been enhanced in TOM's pod-doc at one time or another, with additional treatments as available (improvements, augmentations, additional capabilities), so were at least Earth age plus as many years as they had been with Bethany Anne.

Bethany Anne - almost 190 years old

Michael, Barnabas and Stephen, (won't tell specifically, but Michael the oldest, the first vampire) - 1300 - 1600

Gabrielle - under 500 in TKG 05/1, so 650 -700

TOM - 1500 - 1800 (A couple of centuries older than Michael)

Akio, and most of the original Elite guards (Hirotoshi, Ryu, any of the Tontos) - 800

ADAM - 170

John Grimes and Jean, any of the "Bitches" (Darryl, Scott, Eric), Peter (and any of the weres still around) and Tabitha, Nathan and Ecaterina, Lance and Patricia,Team BMW (William, Bobcat, Marcus), Admiral Thomas, Dan Bosse, Terry Henry Walton and Char, Frank Kurns and Giles, his son - 190 - about the same as Bethany Anne, (perhaps a decade or two older if on Earth before she was born).

Jacqueline, Mark, Sabine came from TSDA, with Michael, so younger - 50 - 70

Addix - Probably over 300, as she was ancient for a long-lived Ixtali. Was middle aged when Bethany Anne met her as a delegate shortly after forming the Etheric Empire. Had lived longer than any of her race when she and Bethany Anne went to pick up Michael (150 years after first meeting), and was still going strong.

Kael-ven and Kiel - Ages never specified. Yollin years plus Bethany Anne years, so at least over 200.

Ashur and Bellatrix lived to be over 150ish, although it's never been told when they died. Ashur came back to Earth with Bethany Anne to pick up Michael (Beatrix staying with Federation Group, wanting more puppies), so ANCIENT!

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