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SPOILER WARNING - Don't read this ahead of time, or it will spoil the books (unless you hate surprises). But even if you read this first, the stories are still worth reading.

This will always be a work in progress, as readers find and report errors, want to add new information, or new books/series are added to these. The Book locations will always be accurate. the chapter locations may be slightly off, as the wiki has two identities. The first one is the page on which the information is entered, the "Edit" page. When it is saved, there is a dislocation between the columns, so that the chapter location may be either above or below the informational item. Therefore, it is always better to do a thorough search in the original book, if one wants a truly accurate response. Not every name mentioned in the books has been brought into the lists (Character, Location. If the name seemed unimportant (Limo driver, name in a bar fight, Leath battle Captain who will be dead by the end of the chapter, planet only visited once or twice), it has been left out. Also, many of the other smaller details may be missing - a color, a type of dress or pants, type of shoes, all of Bethany Anne's wardrobe (fashion plate that she is!) ! It is impossible to get everything into this work. This is meant to be a "springboard" above the "pool". If you want to go swimming, you will have to dive in, yourself!

Hope you have a good swim !

Missing in this Wiki: The sense of humanity that pervades the series, and the development of the characters , each a little more in the next book. The consistent interplay between the characters is interesting and amusing, expressed by the betting (ADAM, Bobcat) and Bethany Anne's favorite saying "Saint Payback is a Bitch." The paybacks range from humorous to hilarious, and are NEVER cruel ! (TOM, John) Character examples: the tattooed Hispanic hacker who became a premier dispenser of justice in all Universes. The relatively uneducated black man who was recognized for his mechanical talents, and became, with a team, a leading practical scientist. The smart-assed young were who was close to death at one point, and became a TQB guard. Humans change, vampires change, weres change, aliens change, all for the better, and all reasonably so.Also, the "Out-of-the-Box" thinking that solves so many problems is unique. All of the details in all of the books, not repeated, might be compared in quality and quantity to ten Amazon Jungles as opposed to one African desert. In developing this wiki, perhaps only 10 feet of desert was explored. Please go live in the Jungle! You'll enjoy it!

P. S. This Wiki contains artwork (found in the books and noted in Character and Sentient Species), and a timeline. More artwork will be added as available.

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