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IBC 01/20

TH had nicknamed them Crooners, because Crenellians was a four-syllable name, too long to remember.

A species of humanoid, bi-pedal creatures, who were weapons specialists within their galaxy. Bald, small (as tall as a human's chest). Were interested in acquiring earth elements for their planet, which led them to make mining deals with the Podders (Tissikinnon). Traded monthly deliveries of elements for advanced weaponry and a planetary defense system.

Facial expressions never changed, remained expressionless even when threatened or arguing. Totally detached from reality. Social classes strongly recognized ( President would NEVER speak to computer programmer!) Extremely narrow-minded (Tiskers cannot speak- not smart enough!) Didn't know Podders lived underground, or that they were different groups, which was why they had negotiated with a group who did not hold the territory in which they constructed their mines, leading to the original reason for the conflict between these two species.

President of their planet lied to Bad Company about hat they would find on Tissikinnon as far as weaponry was concerned. Believed in letting machines do all of the fighting - had no lower class to do so, so put all machines/programmed tactics on a fail-safe construction, wherein if they were engaged, there would beno way of stopping them (in case higher command was killed, the war would continue!). Only way was for enemy to surrender, and then robots would go to enemy and if found with a weapon, would annihilate the race.

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