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Yoll Animals

TKG 13/8

Bistek-Barook 6-legged, sinewy creature, can travel great distances.

Grow to be over 3000 kilos in weight.

Omnivorous, but prefer meat.

Not herd animals – do not stick together, except for mating. Too many fights.

They get fatter as they grow older.

Protective carapace over shoulders and head, horns two feet long.

Sport kill for lower classes (below 2nd tier). May be killed with anything held in your hands, but no powered armor. (Someone in past decided it was too stupid to try to kill, so would be beneath any aristocrat to do so.) Wechselbalg will have hunting to do to fill up larders.

All books

Bistok-shit, dung, whatever- used as a slang exclamation of disgust, common to many systems/planets.

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