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SPOILER WARNING - Don't read this ahead of time, or it will spoil the books (unless you hate surprises). But even if you read this first, the stories are still worth reading.

This will always be a work in progress, as readers find and report errors, want to add new information, or new books/series are added to these. The Book locations will always be accurate. the chapter locations may be slightly off, as the wiki has two identities. The first one is the page on which the information is entered, the "Edit" page. When it is saved, there is a dislocation between the columns, so that the chapter location may be either above or below the informational item. Therefore, it is always better to do a thorough search in the original book, if one wants a truly accurate response. Not every name mentioned in the books has been brought into the lists (Character, Location. If the name seemed unimportant (Limo driver, name in a bar fight, Leath battle Captain who will be dead by the end of the chapter, planet only visited once or twice), it has been left out. Also, many of the other smaller details may be missing - a color, a type of dress or pants, type of shoes, all of Bethany Anne's wardrobe (fashion plate that she is!) ! It is impossible to get everything into this work. This is meant to be a "springboard" above the "pool". If you want to go swimming, you will have to dive in, yourself!

Hope you have a good swim !

Missing in this Wiki: The sense of humanity that pervades the series, and the development of the characters , each a little more in the next book. The consistent interplay between the characters is interesting and amusing, expressed by the betting (ADAM, Bobcat) and Bethany Anne's favorite saying "Saint Payback is a Bitch." The paybacks range from humorous to hilarious, and are NEVER cruel ! (TOM, John) Character examples: the tattooed Hispanic hacker who became a premier dispenser of justice in all Universes. The relatively uneducated black man who was recognized for his mechanical talents, and became, with a team, a leading practical scientist. The smart-assed young were who was close to death at one point, and became a TQB guard. Humans change, vampires change, weres change, aliens change, all for the better, and all reasonably so.Also, the "Out-of-the-Box" thinking that solves so many problems is unique. All of the details in all of the books, not repeated, might be compared in quality and quantity to ten Amazon Jungles as opposed to one African desert. In developing this wiki, perhaps only 10 feet of desert was explored. Please go live in the Jungle! You'll enjoy it!

P. S. This Wiki contains artwork (found in the books and noted in Character and Sentient Species), and a timeline. More artwork will be added as available.


Due to the length of the series and the shortness of human memory, as well as printer's errors, there are many double spellings available which might cause problems in searching for information if one goes back to the books themselves for further details. . Here is a list of the ones found during the production of these documents:

Darryl - Darrel Guard's name (Preferred Darryl)

Meredith - Merideth Space Ship (Preferred Meredith)

Eudos - Eubos System/planet (Preferred Eudos)

Devon - Devin Planet/system (Prreferred Devon)

Johnny - Johnnie Young boy, Ranger (Preferred Johnny)

Karillia - Karillian Planet (Preferred Karillia, or Yaree)

Ricky Bobby - Rickie Bobbie EI to AI (Preferred Ricky Bobby)

Torcellan - Torcellen Alien Species (Preferred Torcellan)

Natalia (Jakowski)- Natalie Jakowski (Preferred Natalia)

dreadnought - dreadnaught Battleship (Preferred dreadnought

E'Kolorn - E'kolorn Yollin Defense Minister (Preferref E'Kolorn)

Dokken, German Shepherd - German Shepard (Preferred Shepherd)


First human, Michael, TOM tried to alter. Didn't know human anatomy, so not done correctly. Went much better for Bethany Anne TKG 1/11

First guard Group: TQB. Formed out of Everglades action TKG 2/8

First use of Queen Bitch to Dan Bosse, Everglades action. TKG 2/8

First Yachts TKG 3/15, 16

First time TQB appears as formal company TQB Enterprises TKG 3/15, 16, 17

First Were Guardians TKG 4/1, 5

First pod tried and failed TKG 5/18

First Pricolici Peter, from pod TKG 5/18, 19

First dog in Pod Ashur TKG 5/11, 20

First international Etheric communications TKG 6/5

First time Team BMW talks to TOM TKG 6/2, 7

First time pods used in battle TKG 6/20, 21

ADAM first addresses Bethany Anne directly (not text) TKG 6/25, 7/1

First railguns used in attacks TKG 7/18

First container to Moon TKG 7/22,23

First suggestion to send metal (missiles) through Etheric. TKG 7/22. Never were able to do it, but the Kurtherians could! TKG 20/15

First moon Base established TKG 7/22, 23

First time Bethany Anne goes into space (To Moon) TKG 7/4, 5

First Queen's Elite (vampire Guards) created TKG 9/6, 7

First Bar in space suggested (by Jeo) TKG 9/15 Named TKG 10/16 Planned TKG 11/6 Opens somewhere between TKG 13/ and 14/10

First Ranger created Barnabas TKG 10/7

First Battleship created, QBS ArchAngel TKG 11/23

First baby born in space Ecaterina and Nathan. Named Christina TKG 11/25

First contact with alien ship TKG 11/25

First passing through the gate for Gambit people TKG 15/20

First Yollin Mercenary Group proposed TKG 14/12, 15/24, 25

First spy company formed in Etheric Space Bad Company TKG 17/5, et al

First time Baba Yaga appears TKG 18/20, 21


The latest guesses on when books will be available to read. There is NO guarantee that they will be available, only when they should be available. There is a long list of reasons any of these may be delayed and I don't want to list those reasons here (so don't use up those rubber chickens before absolutely necessary).

Titles and dates may be added (or changed) as "those who decide titles" announce them.


2018/8/14 (Kurtherian - Judge, Jury, & Executioner #2) Destroy the Corrupt

2018/7/19 (Oriceran - Rewriting Justice #3) Bounty Hunter Inc

2018/7/13 (Oriceran - I Fear No Evil #4) Dead in Plain Sight


2018/7/9 (Oriceran - I Fear No Evil #3) Reload Faster

2018/7/5 (Oriceran - Brownstone #7) Fight Fire With Fire

2018/7/2 (Kurtherian - Vigilante Chronicles #3) Warden

2018/7/1 (Damned - War of the Damned #2) No Quarter


2018/6/28 (Kurtherian - The Ascension Myth #12) Ascension

2018/6/27 (Kurtherian - Precious Galaxy #1) Corruption

2018/6/25 (Kurtherian - Judge, Jury, & Executioner #1) You Have Been Judged

2018/6/25 (Oriceran - The School Of Necessary Magic #2) Bright Is Her Sight

2018/6/21 (Oriceran - Brownstone #6) When Angels Cry

2018/6/19 (Kurtherian - Live Free Or Die #2) Madness Rising

2018/6/17 (Oriceran - Rewriting Justice #2) Vengeance Served Hot

2018/6/14 (Damned - War of the Damned #1) Resurrection Of The Damned

2018/6/11 (Kurtherian - Vigilante Chronicles #2) Sentinel

2018/6/10 (Kurtherian - The Etheric Academy #4) Alpha Class - Graduation

2018/6/7 (Oriceran - Brownstone #5) She Is The Widow Maker

2018/6/6 (Oriceran - The School Of Necessary Magic #1) Dark Is Her Nature

2018/6/4 (Kurtherian - Shadow Vanguard #2) Lunar Crisis

2018/6/3 (Kurtherian - Fans Write For Fans #2) Tales from the Kurtherian Universe

2018/6/01 (Damned - Protected By The Damned #8) For Whom The Bell Tolls


2018/5/31 (Kurtherian - The Ascension Myth #11) Invasion

2018/5/30 (Kurtherian - Live Free Or Die #1) Madness Unleashed

2018/5/29 (Kurtherian - A New Dawn #6) Broken Bones

2018/5/27 (Oriceran - Rewriting Justice #1) Justice Served Cold

2018/5/24 (Oriceran - Brownstone #4) Bring the Pain

2018/5/21 (Kurtherian - Vigilante Chronicles #1) Vigilante

2018/5/20 (Oriceran - I Fear No Evil #2) Bury the Past but Shoot it First

2018/5/16 (Damned - Protected By The Damned #7) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

2018/5/15 (Kurtherian - Ghost Squadron #7) Preservation

2018/5/14 (Kurtherian - The Kurtherian Endgame #1) Payback Is A Bitch

2018/5/8 (Kurtherian - Tales of the Wellspring Knight #3) Knight's Justice

2018/5/4 (Oriceran - Brownstone #3) Eye For an Eye

2018/5/2 (Oriceran - I Fear No Evil #1) Kill the Willing

2018/5/1 (Kurtherian - The Ascension Myth #10) Subversion


2018/4/26 (Damned - Protected By The Damned #6) Metal Up Your Ass

2018/4/23 (Oriceran - Soul Stone Mage #7) Virgo

2018/4/22 (Kurtherian - The Bad Company #4) Liberation

2018/4/19 (Oriceran - Brownstone #2) Rejected by Heaven

2018/4/12 (Damned - Protected By The Damned #5) Welcome To The Jungle

2018/4/11 (Oriceran - The Revelations of Oriceran #8) Guardians Of Magic

2018/4/10 (Kurtherian - Tales of the Feisty Druid #7) Into the Maelstrom

2018/4/8 (Kurtherian - Valerie's Elites #4) Justice Earned

2018/4/5 (Oriceran - Brownstone #1) Feared by Hell

2018/4/2 (Kurtherian - Ghost Squadron #6) Recollection

2018/4/1 (Damned - Protected By The Damned #4) Sit Down Shut Up And Pull The Trigger


2018/3/27 (Kurtherian - The Etheric Academy #3) Alpha Class - Discovery

2018/3/26 (Kurtherian - A New Dawn #5) Broken Skies

2018/3/25 (Kurtherian - The Ascension Myth #9) Committed

2018/3/24 (Damned - Protected By The Damned #3) And Business Is Good

2018/3/23 (Oriceran - The Kacy Chronicles #4) Transcendent

2018/3/18 (Damned - Protected By The Damned #2) Killing Is My Business

2018/3/11 (Damned - Protected By The Damned #1) Torn Asunder

2018/3/7 (Kurtherian - Tales of the Wellspring Knight #2) Knight's Struggle


2018/2/28 (Oriceran - The Revelations of Oriceran #7) Enemies of Magic

2018/2/26 (Kurtherian - Ghost Squadron #5) Impersonation

2018/2/25 (Kurtherian - Tales of the Wellspring Knight #1) Knights Creed

2018/2/22 (Kurtherian - Tales From The Multiverse #1) BOB's Bar

2018/2/21 (Kurtherian - Confessions Of A Space Anthropologist #2) Rogue Instigator

2018/2/21 (Oriceran - Soul Stone Mage #6) Lancothy

2018/2/18 (Kurtherian - The Bad Company #3) Price of Freedom

2018/2/16 (Kurtherian - Kurtherian Gambit #21) Life Goes On

2018/2/13 (Kurtherian - The Second Dark Ages #4) Dawn Arrives

2018/2/11 (Kurtherian - Shadow Vanguard #1) Gravity Storm

2018/2/7 (Kurtherian - Valerie's Elites #3) Prime Enforcer

2018/2/5 (Kurtherian - Uprise Saga #4) Dark Rivals


2018/1/31 (Oriceran - The Revelations of Oriceran #6) Theft of Magic

2018/1/25 (Kurtherian - Fans Write For Fans #1) Tales from the Kurtherian Universe

2018/1/24 (Kurtherian - Frank Kurns Stories #2) Challenges

2018/1/22 (Kurtherian - Ghost Squadron #4) Degeneration

2018/1/7 (Kurtherian - The Ascension Myth #8) Bourne

2018/1/4 (Kurtherian - Boris Chronicles #4) Redemption

2018/1/4 (Kurtherian - Uprise Saga #3) Veiled Designs